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Visit Seattle

Sip coffee at the original Starbucks. Learn to play the electric guitar at the Experience Music Project. Take a break from shopping at the flagship REI store to scale the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall. Or just admire the stunning setting—a thriving city centre on the edge of pristine wilderness, with abundant opportunities for recreation.

Top photo opportunities
The view from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill offers the most spectacular city view—the Space Needle in the foreground, downtown skyline just beyond and snow-clad 14,410-foot Mt. Rainier in the distance. Late afternoon offers the prettiest light.

Must-see museum
• The Frank Gehry-designed Experience Music Project exhibits music memorabilia from jazz to grunge
• The Seattle Art Museum has permanent exhibitions of Native American and African art
• The Museum of Flight features a retired Air Force One presidential jet, Concorde, and a growing collection of U.S. space artefacts.
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