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Дима Болдарев

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Russia / Saint-Petersburg and region


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Ukraine / Chernihiv region

Дима Болдарев

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Russia / Saint-Petersburg and region


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Леша Давыдов

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Ukraine / Chernihiv region
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Würzburg: world heritage and Franconian wine

Germany / Bavaria / Wurzburg
Würzburg is a pleasing harmony of history, culture and wine. This university town and former royal seat is idyllically situated on either side of the Main river and offers a vibrant atmosphere and...

Rostock: brick-Gothic architecture with a maritime flair

Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Rostock
The harbour is the heart of the maritime city of Rostock. Although there may be fewer sailors on the quayside these days, the harbour still shapes the character of the city. It is also the venue for...

Potsdam: a land of gardens, parks, palaces and lakes

Germany / Brandenburg / Potsdam
Potsdam is best known for the magnificent palaces and parks that date back to its time as the former royal seat of Prussia. Prussian pomp and splendour, a heritage of great architects and scholars,...

Frankfurt: museum of truth, beauty and virtue

Germany / Hessen / Frankfurt am main
Frankfurt is first and foremost a city of modernity. Business, architecture and Europe's third-largest airport – they're all here and they're all at the cutting edge. Perhaps that's why Frankfurt...

Stuttgart: the perfect combination of culture and cars

Germany / Baden-Wurttemberg / Stuttgart
There are cars you drive... and then there are cars you dream of. Stuttgart has both in abundance. Not only does the city produce internationally renowned cars, but it also lives and breathes...

Nuremberg: Germany's most vibrant museum of history

Germany / Bavaria / Nuremberg
A city of emperors and princes, leaders and followers, inventors and scholars, Nuremberg has mirrored German history ever since the Middle Ages – the power, the tension, great achievements and...

Leipzig city of heroes and city of music

Germany / Sachsen / Leipzig
Leipzig's key role in setting the rhythm for the peaceful revolution of 1989 is testament to the city's musical endowment. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Leipzig was labelled 'City of Heroes' –...

Düsseldorf: catwalk of Germany

Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia / Dusseldorf
Düsseldorf becomes the focus of the fashion world when the city reveals the latest in designer fashion and high-street trends. 'The Gallery Düsseldorf' emerged from Igedo (the world's biggest...

Hannover: the world's marketplace for innovation

Germany / Lower Saxony / Hannover
Which city is home to the world's biggest exhibition site? Perhaps Tokyo? No, sorry – try again. Chicago, London, Shanghai? Wrong again. Frankfurt? Getting closer. The answer is in fact Hannover....

Munich: putting the style into lifestyle

Germany / Germany / Munich
Lifestyle, joie de vivre or lebensart – whatever you call it, Munich has it in spades. It might be down to the clear blue skies or simply the city's beauty, but one thing's for certain: the people...
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