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HONDA motorcycles

Группу создал(а) Alan Smith
If you believe that Honda is the best motorcycle ever this group is for you!
2014 05 Июнь 02:52
2014 Honda CBR650F Review

CBR650F - built for both the young and the young at heart...

Who says that practical, comfortable, everyday bikes can’t generate the adrenalin rush of their RR brethren? Case in point, the CBR650F - its high torque, in-line four-cylinder engine, tuned for strong low-end, mid-range and top-end power, provides tremendous drive off the line and ...подробнее...
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2014 29 Май 11:37
2014 Honda Grom First Ride & Grom Prix
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2014 23 Май 11:02
2014 Honda CBR600RR
The CBR600RR’s spec sheet reads like a racer’s wishlist, but its street credentials are equally impressive. Track or street the CBR600RR delivers...
A modern sportbike can be an uncompromising thing. Tuned for maximum performance, things like comfort, ease of use and everyday practicality tend to go out the window. Not so with the CBR600R, from the ...подробнее...
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2014 22 Май 03:58
2014 Honda CBR1000RR
Our Best Gets Even Better...
Known for being the best overall liter bike package, the CBR1000RR cements its stellar reputation with several improvements for 2014, including a new ride position, a new windscreen and engine and exhaust modifications for more power and torque. There’s also a new Pearl White finish on our standard and ABS models.
For the ...подробнее...
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