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America’s dream drive. Take a road trip along the coastlines of Washington, Oregon and California. The West Coast is made for a road trip!
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Pacific Coast Highway

Welcome to America’s dream drive. The breathtaking stretch known as the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, spans the coastlines in the states of Washington, Oregon and California. This road trip is the way to soak up the astounding beauty, shifting terrains and extraordinary culture of the West Coast.

The PCH begins in Olympia, Washington and ends in Los Angeles, California. You can also drive from south to north, working your way up the California coastline and into the Pacific Northwest. Eitherподробнее... way, your journey will be amazing

This 1,700-mile span will take you through Washington State’s lush Olympic National Park and its rugged, rocky coastline and glacier-capped mountains. Forks, Washington, where author Stephenie Meyer based her wildly popular Twilight book series, is a unique town to visit. Drive south to Ocean Shores, which caters to beach lovers.

As you meander farther south you’ll follow the famed Oregon coastline. You’ll want to stop at Cannon Beach, known for its amazing tide pools created by the rock formations around Haystack Rock. The Oregon Dune National Recreational Area houses the largest expanse of sand dunes and stands 500 feet above sea level, stretching from the small beach towns of Florence to Coos Bay.

Once in California, you’ll pass through stunning redwood forests, artsy and eclectic towns, and beaches like nowhere else on Earth. Northern California’s Redwood National Park and the massive Humboldt Redwoods State Park offer plenty of opportunity for hiking and taking in the towering redwood trees—you can even drive through base of a redwood in the Avenue of the Giants.

If you’ve never crossed the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. Traveling south, you’ll drive the spectacular Monterey Peninsula, home to the old fishing town of Monterey, forever immortalized by Nobel Prize-winning novelist John Steinbeck and The Monterey Jazz Festival.

The natural masterpiece called Big Sur is home to California’s most dramatic coastline, virtually inaccessible before the PCH was built. San Simeon marks the end of Big Sur, where you can dine at the family-owned Nepenthe restaurant. In San Luis Obispo, don’t miss William Randolph Hearst’s splendid and grand Hearst Castle situated high above the California Coast. Nearby, the kitschy Madonna Inn offers one-of-a-kind accommodations.

The PCH winds through Malibu and the popular Zuma Beach with its white sands and stellar surf, a great spot for a swim if you’re feeling like a dip. Near the end of the road-trip, U.S. 101 passes through Hollywood and officially ends in Los Angeles.

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